29 Aug

Shop til you drop?

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At the age of eleven, I was already a full-fledged shopaholic who, essentially, was benched due to lack of funds. I had these little daydreams where I imagined getting stuck in the mall, or getting a bag to take around and load up with anything I wanted. Or maybe a mall-for-life gift card? It was always the mall in my daydream, and our mall didn’t even have a Nordstrom or anything really good. I did a lot of shopping at Claire’s, Aeropostale, PacSun, and the like. There was so much possibility in those stores!

I’m partially convinced it was books and TV that gave me this sickness – it seems like every TV show or movie had some kind of makeover and/or shopping spree scene in it. And if you’re Julia Roberts, you even got to leave the saleswoman who had been rude to Hooker You the day before at a loss for words.

The point of all this is that I have done some sort of if-only roundups for years. They’ve just gotten less PacSun and more expensive. If you have to dream, dream big, right? The weather’s getting chilly, fall is on my mind, and I’m coveting:


L’Agence sweater from Barney’s


Philip Lim trousers from SSense

Isabel Marant shoes (Ebay)


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08 Aug

Out-there fashion.

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I’m so completely bummed that we’re missing the McQueen exhibit by less than two weeks – don’t worry, the Met is still one of the first places on my list – that I’ve been thinking about fashion even more so than usual. My style has always been a bit subdued, or perhaps it’s that I just don’t have the budget to buy out-there pieces because they’re rarely all that versatile. Either way, my de facto style is not very risky, and I choose it very carefully. But somewhere inside of me lives a really daring soul who has wads of cash to spend on anything her heart desires, and she’s not afraid to Go There.

A few of my favorite recent out-there pieces in fashion – this list must be started with the Chanel light-up heels:


One of my personal favorite “trends” that’s been photographed and featured for years – Sex and the City, anyone? – and is all over the fashion blogosphere. I have yet to see anyone actually brave enough to do this, although I suppose if you were a ballerina or a model and had those legs, it wouldn’t be all that daunting.


And then there’s this MM6 bag, which is ridiculously simple and reminds me of those jean pocket purses people used to make in middle school – except maybe the jean pocket purse’s big sister – but still seems like it’d be perfect for a coffee date or daytime errands.



Can you get on board with out-there styles in your closet? Anything trendy that you thought worked at the time but ended up disastrous?


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03 Aug

Little things.

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I am dying for this big, floppy hat.

(Malia Mills)



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25 Jul

Weekend fun.

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This was one of those perfect summer weekends, complete with a concert in the park, long walks, a good movie, and lots of wine.

We saw Sugar Ray at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I have no shame, they were my first concert ever years ago, and I still love their old classics. Luckily they pandered to all the nostalgic fans and played Every Morning, Someday, Fly, and all the other fun songs.
The only downside was the group of teenagers who pushed in front of us. Come on, guys, if you’re not old enough to remember when the song was on the radio the first time, you really shouldn’t elbow your way to the front.
There was also a wild goose chase in which we realized the zoo took only cash, and apparently neither of us carry cash anymore. When faced with the options — a concert with nothing to drink, and obnoxious teenagers in front of us, or finding a way to get the door guy to let Ross in and out of the zoo despite a no re-entry rule — I think you can guess what we chose. And it was worth it, damn it, even if said teenagers did turn and stare at me with pity because they thought I had been ditched.
See? Totally worth it. Also worth it was trying to beat the crowds out so that we wouldn’t have to fight with them on our walk home. A little while in a guard stopped me and asked me to wait, apparently because that was Sugar Ray’s exit strategy, too. So, you know, when Mark McGrath stuck his hand out for a high five, I took it. Because I owe my twelve-year-old self that, I think. (Twelve-year-old me was very happy.)
We went to see Midnight in Paris the next night, and I absolutely loved it! I had low expectations going in, because the preview I saw kept most of the plot under wraps pretty well. I love when they do that — one of my biggest pet peeves is that so many movies today give away all the good twists and jokes right in the preview. At that point, why bother seeing the movie? Anyway, if you haven’t seen it, get yourself to a movie theatre so you, too, can gush over Marion Cotillard’s gorgeous outfits.
What did you do this weekend?

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22 Jul

On a happier note…

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Thoughts on trying out this hair color? Yes, no?

Brutal honesty appreciated!


(Photo is from the Shoot This, Not That workshop by Grey Likes Weddings.)


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11 Jul

Summer ‘do.

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I’m going to level with you all for a minute: I never really learned to do hair. I’d blame it on the lack of siblings, but lots of people don’t have sisters and manage just fine. So perhaps I’m just hair illiterate, I don’t know, but the most I can do to my own hair is blow-dry, straighten, or put it in a messy bun on top of my head. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good messy bun – I’ve kind of managed to wear something a little like Zooey does in this photo (minus the cute flower and gorgeous dress) all summer:


But some days, I desperately want to throw on a pretty dress and have something a little more chic. Especially on days like today, where my dye job has faded ridiculously and I can’t afford to go in for a refresh for awhile. So, I’m reaching out to you guys – do you have a go-to style that’s easy and pretty? And I really mean easy! I’ve got hairspray, bobby pins, and a blow dryer to work with here. What’s your favorite summer ‘do, and how do you step it up when you go out?

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23 Jun

Beach ready.

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I promised you an entry with substance, didn’t I? Sorry to break it to you, but it’s just not coming today. Maybe it’s because I’m just drinking my first cup of coffee now, or maybe it’s because nothing incredibly exciting has been going on. You know when people ask what you’re up to? And you’re really glad to have a good answer that’s concise but awesome? I haven’t had one lately, because what I’ve been doing consists of a summer class, work, meeting up with vendors for the wedding, and mundane errands.

Also, my bank account balance is dangerously low and whenever that happens, I get this insane need to write fashion posts on here. Almost as if by posting about shopping, I’m able to get that shopping high vicariously.

(image credit here, graphics are mine)


I’m a little bit beach obsessed lately. Maybe it’s because it’s been a gloomy summer here in Chicago, and I’m ready for real summer to kick in at any time. Meanwhile, I’ve put together a list of my current beachy covets. Substance coming soon, I swear. I just need some Vitamin D first!


Dress, shoes.




Speaking of beachy, anyone have a good beach read to recommend?

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21 Jun

Brain dump (trois.)

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I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, writing-wise at least. Hopefully will have something worth reading for you tomorrow, but until then I leave you with…

Peonies in Paris from Jordan Ferney.


A sparkly vintage dress to die for. (Via Shopyo Vintage)



And, I’ll admit it, I still get nostalgic for Dawson’s Creek. No matter how ridiculous and dramatic it was, no matter how crazy Katie Holmes may now be, I still miss these two! (And Jen. Jen was the best.)


Happy Tuesday!

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06 Jun

Summer must-haves.

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Summer is the season of simple pleasures. Sangria on a patio on a warm summer night? What more could you possibly need? I adore summer for its long hours of sunlight, its carefree nights, and the way that everything slows down even if the long, lazy days of childhood summers don’t come to fruition anymore. As much as I love the gorgeous colors of autumn, summer will always be my favorite season. Here are my must-haves (or wish-I-could-haves, if we’re being 100% honest) for this summer:


Clockwise: Alice and Olivia dress, AJ Morgan shades via Refinery 29, Manolo Blahnik sandals, Magic Juice via Design*Sponge, Chanel Mimosa nail polish, picnic basket via Pinterest, cafe window via Design*Sponge.

An added note: one of my very favorite design companies, Oh Happy Day, is hosting what has to be the most incredible giveaway ever – the grand prize is a trip to Paris this year. So, if you’re squealing with glee at the thought of that, you best get over to their site and enter!

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04 May

Currently coveting.

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Isabel Marant from Stuart & Wright

Valentino flats from Net-A-Porter


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